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2010 Sony Ericsson Open (Miami): loss to Marion Bartoli (FRA) in fourth round

29th March, 2010


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Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Was there something wrong with the shoulder?

Svetlana: Yeah.

Q: What was the issue? Is that from the beginning or...

Svetlana: No, I mean, today the weather condition was very tough to play. I felt from the first point when I start to return that it was not my day, but still it was pretty hard. She broke me, and then at 5-3 I started to serve and I felt like a pull. But I still kept serving. So then I had -- it was so painful I almost had stars in my eyes it was so painful. I called physio and tried to continue to play. I think I should have pulled out earlier. I mean, it's impossible. You know, I cannot return. Then I cannot serve. That was my choice to play.

Q: Was it a strain?

Svetlana: Just pulled. Muscle pull.

Q: Have you ever had any issues with that before?

Svetlana: Not this one. I pulled it a little bit after my first match, but I was treating it. It wasn't so bad as today; today was really bad.

Q: What kind of treatment are you gonna get?

Svetlana: No, now treatment is recover, not practicing. But I had to practice when I was in the tournament.

Q: How many times was she out and working on you?

Svetlana: Three times.

Q: Three times?

Svetlana: I mean, I got better, but it was very painful.

Q: You played her last in 2006 in Bali. Was it something different...

Svetlana: I think she pull out in Bali. I think she pulled out and after warmup, if I don't... It doesn't matter. I mean, today was just horrible day. I delete it from my head, and that's it. It wasn't a match I even played 10% of my tennis. It was horrible. She was playing tough. With her these conditions, it's the worse conditions you can have to play her.

Q: Did you even think you were gonna get the match in today because of the rain?

Svetlana: Actually, no.

Q: Did the trainer advise you to stop playing or say it was up to you?

Svetlana: Well, she saw that I could not play. She said, Well, if you want to stop, just wave a hand so you cannot play. Because after she saw my face that it was unbelievable painful when she touched it.

Q: Will you go for an MRI or anything, see if there's a tear, or you just think it's a pulled muscle?

Svetlana: I have not thought about it.

Q: Where does it hurt? Front, back?

Svetlana: No, inside. Inside, like here. (Indicating armpit area.)

Q: What's your schedule?

Svetlana: Stuttgart.

Q: Was it also because of the pain difficult to run and move and do all those other things?

Svetlana: No. As I said, it was not my day. I'm not gonna blame it on my shoulder. Second set yes, but first set she broke me and I was playing pretty bad on my returns. I mean, on the wind you have to move, and you have to do it extremely well, because it's very hard condition to play.

Q: Was it your last match you first noticed?

Svetlana: First match of the tournament.

Q: So your other match, it was...

Svetlana: It was all right, yeah.

Q: I assume you're not gonna play Fed Cup.

Svetlana: No, I never meant to play Fed Cup.

Q: I know she said that you could come out at any time or retire at any time. When you were down 3-0, 4-0 in the second set --

Svetlana: Yeah, I'm not gonna pull out at 4-0. You know, I know it's gonna look ugly. I know I looked ugly even like that, but still, you know...

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