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2010 French Open (Paris): win over Sorana Cirstea (ROM) in first round

23rd May, 2010


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Q: Is it Philippe Chartrier atmosphere? You played a very, very good match today.

Svetlana: It's French Open, Roland Garros atmosphere. I don't know. As I say always I enjoy be here. Definitely I was a little bit nervous in the start, and it was rough start for me, but I think I'm very happy about it. I managed to come back and fight for every single game. Doesn't matter if I was down Love 40 or 15 40, whatever was it. I was just playing as many balls back as I could.

Q: Coming into this tournament you were maybe doubting about your tennis a bit, or I don't know

Svetlana: I don't doubt about my tennis. (laughter.)

Q: No, but maybe you weren't too sure how good your shape is this year. Now do you feel better? Do you think are you improving?

Svetlana: I would look very stupid playing in two Grand Slams and doubting about if I can play tennis. I understand your question. Is, you know, just was surprising for me, because I felt I have been preparing and giving best in practices, and I was just, I guess, the clay court season was very important for me, and I was not showing as good results as I would like to, but I knew this moment has to pass because I deserve better than that, and I worked harder than these results. I was just concerned about when it's gonna pass.

Q: What are your aims now for the tournament? What do you think about your next opponent, the German Petkovic?

Svetlana: As I said, I mean, for me, this tournament is very important first two matches, so now second match is gonna be very hard just mentally, because I have to fight. I will fight. And I have to still get a little bit more of my game, which I would like to have to feel more comfortable, but I'm confident on my serve, and it's gonna not gonna be easy match. I played with her probably two times. I won her last year in Stuttgart and I lost to her in Japan, but, I mean, I'm very confident in my game. I just want to go out there and fight. I give my best.

Q: Have you seen Amélie Mauresmo?

Svetlana: Yes. I texted her this morning going to the club. I say, Hey, you told me you gonna be here a few days. I didn't see you. So she said, I don't want to disturb you. I said, Come on, you're my friend. You cannot disturb. You're former player, no? So she said, Oh, yeah, one day I come to your match. Sure. You have a ticket. So she would supported me and she supported me before the match. So we had a chat in the locker room. So I appreciate her coming a lot. She's very good friend of mine and I'm happy to see her again. I miss her.

Q: You were young when you won the US Open and probably the defense of that, you didn't think too much about it. But now you're more mature. You've been on the tour longer. Did things build up in your mind about defending your title here that weren't there in New York those years ago?

Svetlana: Definitely was in my mind that I didn't play so good for defend my title in New York. I say it's not so good. It's maybe too good to say this, because I was just really close, but I was not ready to defend it. Now I feel much better shape. I feel prepared. Definitely I understand and realize more situation, as you said, that I'm mature, but I'm just looking forward to play my best. I have my trophy at home. Nobody can take it off me. And I just can try to do my best this year, as well, and enjoy the French Open as I always do.

Q: How do you compare what you're feeling right now to what you were feeling a year ago?

Svetlana: It's very different, but you cannot expect to be every year the same. It's different, because I already have it. It's different because I haven't played so many matches, but I have possibilities to do it.

Q: You mentioned just now thinking about what happened in New York. Did you mean before today's match or at the beginning of today's match when you got off to a slow start today?

Svetlana: No. I didn't think it during the match. I thought maybe a little bit other matches, but I definitely start to think about whole situation. It was just so different times. I say, It's gonna happen again. I was sure about it.

Q: There were several games where you were down either 40 Love or Love 40 today. I think maybe a total of four...

Svetlana: Two games at Love 30, I think.

Q: How were you able to dig yourself out of those holes, and what is it that allows you to come back and win those games when you're down that much?

Svetlana: It was Love 3 down and Love 40. It was the same thing. I keep fighting, play every single ball. Maybe I think it was more mistake for me, my past tournaments I play, and here is the time to make it right, so I try just to play again consistent and try to bring back as many balls as I could, because I sometimes just finish rally too short.

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