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2010 French Open (Paris): win over Andrea Petkovic (GER) in second round

26th May, 2010


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Q: So how did you manage to escape from that big hole?

Svetlana: I don't know. I was just there, and even at 40 Love I was thinking, you know, I really want to be here. This is really what I want the most. The one thing in the world I want is to be here right now, and I want to win so badly. You know, I just hoped, you know. I say, I still gonna do my best. I gonna put balls in and see what happens.

Q: How would you describe what happened there at Love 40? Was it more a matter of her not being able to seize the opportunities, or...

Svetlana: I'm not really sure what happened. I don't remember, because, you know, you're under some situation which you don't think a lot. But as I remember, I put spin on the ball, so I didn't give her easy balls. She was nervous, so she missed forehand. She wanted to go too hard for it. Then she missed backhand, and then we played the rally and she missed wide backhand. So, I mean, she wanted to go for it, and I have experience, so I have to let her play. So I think this was the key, and this is normally what you would do. You would not lose. You would make other one to win. So I saw that she got tight, and then I say, Okay, I have to take my chances.

Q: Obviously you're thinking long term and playing here next week, well into next week. After a match like this, do you think this is the kind of match, the kind of victory I can build on, I can really go from here? Or do you think, oh, my God, I gotta think a lot better than this?

Svetlana: No, I know exactly happened today in each moment of the match. I know what I've done wrong, what I've done good, what I have to do better. From here on, I move on much more confident. From being in that hole, it's gonna be worse, you know, and I just gotta be there. And I'm doing better, you know. I struggled. As I said before, first two, three matches gonna be tough. This is what happened, and I stood up there strong and I passed this round.

Q: In women's tennis, for a long time there's been a teenager or young 20s in the top 25 in the rankings, and you won a Major as a teenager, but now there aren't that many up there. I wonder why you think that's the case and if they've been trained differently or something's missing or what?

Svetlana: You know what I think? All the teenagers, they come or their parents or their agents or someone or they think they're so good, and I don't see they respecting the other players like we did when we came here. I was respecting I played Kim Clijsters. For me, it was huge. Oh, I am playing Kim Clijsters. I played Justine Henin, and you're like, Wow. They're big. You have respect. You want to be like them. They come and they see themself equal to other girls, and it's not like that, you know. These girls been here forever. They've done so much for the tennis. I think one part is this. And then physically I don't see good prepared and strong mentally girls.

Q: What did you do during the rain delay, and what did you talk to your coach about?

Svetlana: Well, we spoke about mistakes I have made. Well, actually not mistakes. I just been really tight and how I loosen up. I just was a little bit unlucky. I lost few balls in the end of the first set; otherwise the match would be so different. But then just a little bit of tactics, and then I just sit and I hang out with my friends or sit in the locker room and wait.

Q: How different is to play on that court in the bullring from every other court?

Svetlana: Like what?

Q: From any other court you can play in the world and this tournament, like Philippe Chatrier or Suzanne Lenglen? How different is the bullring compared to those ones?

Svetlana: It's just different, the noise of the ball, the sound. This is different. That's it. It's nice. It feels very comfortable, because it's feels like round. It feels more comfortable.

Q: You both screamed quite a lot on the court today. Is it because of the intensity of the match, or does it help?

Svetlana: Yeah, I think it's because of the intensity. Sometimes you try to play so hard, and I realize after it I hit so weak shot but I yell so high, but, you know, this is how it goes. You try so much, and then ball doesn't fly sometimes because of the tension, but you put so much in it.

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