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2010 French Open (Paris): loss to Maria Kirilenko (RUS) in third round

28th May, 2010


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Q: Obviously you must be very disappointed. How does it feel to lose your title here?

Svetlana: I have it from last year. I mean, it was very hard, anyway, to defend with tennis I have been playing this season. You know, I take it as a lose, and I have to move on. I have to grow and to improve, you know. I didn't come here with my best game, but I gave my all. I fighted all I could, and it happens. So it's okay.

Q: How do you explain your level for a few weeks? You haven't played so well.

Svetlana: You cannot play all the time great, you know. It's up and downs. It's all right from up and downs, so I have not been playing well this clay court season and this season, but it happens, you know. I'll be back. I have the game. It's fine. It's just matters of time.

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