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2010 Rogers Cup (Montréal): win over Agnieszka Radwanska (POL) in third round

19th August, 2010


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Q: Was it easier for you after the first set?

Svetlana: After this, I can't say it's was easier... She's a very tricky player. When you play good and you mix up the space and the pace and everything, it's good, but when you start to miss a little bit or over hit it, she uses her power and then it's very difficult to create something. It was 6-1, but I think every game was deuce. It was pretty hard. I just took a break and it worked for me.

Q: A break between the sets?

Svetlana: I always change clothes between the first set, almost always. It was a long set. It's not only because I want to take a break, it's because I needed to change clothes because it's so hot out there. It was very tough to play.

Q: Is it a good strategy, when you lose a set like that, to take some time?

Svetlana: It's not really a strategy; it's just that I have to change my clothes. In San Diego, it worked for me.

Q: How do you explain the turnaround in your season?

Svetlana: Normally I believe I can do whatever I want most of the time, but sometimes it happens that you lose your confidence and you get a little bit messed up in your head about your game. Some people change coaches, or you start to play a different game, and then you realise it's not your game... It's pretty messy what I am telling you now. In the head, it's even triple more. I was a little frustrated with my game. After Wimbledon, I took time and I worked hard for two weeks... I let it go mentally, too. I did not have confidence, and I am not used to not having matches. I just started all over again. It's hard because so many players had so many matches from the start of the season. It's almost the end, and I am warming up and I am finally getting into shape. Better late than never.

Q: Does this give you a lot of confidence heading into the U.S. Open?

Svetlana: Yeah, definitely, I love to play in the U.S. It's good when you come there and you know you've got a game. It makes me happy. I am looking forward to enjoying it.

Q: Is there anything you do between the second set that might surprise people?

Svetlana: I take vodka shots (laughter). Nah, nothing like that. I just go to the locker room, I change all my clothes, I eat a banana, and I go back. Very simple.

Q: You felt that you needed to thank the fans for their support after your match. Do you find the support here any different from anywhere else?

Svetlana: I like it here because lots of people come. It's pretty much, even for first round matches. Lots of people. I like to play here. It's close to the States, but it is different. The States, it's nice, but here you see more green and it looks more natural. Here, it's parks, and it looks more natural. It's nice to be here the week before New York. I love New York, it's crazy there, it's nice, but sometimes it's nice to get away.

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