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2010 Rogers Cup (Montréal): win over Jie Zheng (CHN) in quarterfinals

20th August, 2010


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Q: How do you feel?

Svetlana: I feel good, I think it was a good match, especially the first set that I played. I felt like I was in control of the game and I did not let her play her (game) and I dictated what I was comfortable with.

Q: Was this your best match so far?

Svetlana: Definitely, yes, in the first set.

Q: What's the difference between you, at the beginning of the year and you now?

Svetlana: Now I know what I do and what I have to do. I know my game and how to do it, and before I was a little bit lost.

Q: Are you more confident now?

Svetlana: Yes, of course. Winning matches makes you a totally different player. Without matches, you struggle a lot. Maybe you know what to do, but you're not confident in some shots.

Q: This is the best you've done in this tournament. Is this the best you've played in this tournament?

Svetlana: Yeah, out of three years, for sure. But I don't remember. I don't (go back) and think about how I would play before... I think I could have done better here every time.

Q: How was it for you today, playing against your opponent?

Svetlana: The difference is that it makes you more confident because you know that in your head you are pretty not beatable in some way, but I know that (Zheng) is getting better and better. I used to beat her very easily and the last times that we played it was harder and harder and she is getting better and better. But I still think that my game is uncomfortable. Of course if I go out there and start to play flat I don't have many chances to win, but if I play the game I played today it's a totally different person.

Q: Was there a turning point in getting your confidence back?

Svetlana: I had four weeks... and I worked good. I came to San Diego, and I said, look, I have to play here, I have to do it well. The first match was tough, but you get better and better... You go and you win tournaments... with tough opponents, and I win. Then you start to be confident.

Q: You understand that there are people here who are disappointed that the big names are not here? Do you sympathize with their disappointments?

Svetlana: It's not my problem (laughter). I can't do anything to know why they come or why they don't come. With Venus and Serena, it's always a thing. It's like a lottery. You never know if they are going to come or not. With Maria, she cannot play if she plays two tournaments in a row. Fitness conditions or health issues. Justine, you never know as well. I understand that they want to see good names but with good names there is also unpredictability sometimes.

Q: If you were running the tour, what would you do differently?

Svetlana: I don't think Stacey is doing something wrong. They are doing the best they can. What can you do? Serena got injured, it's not Stacey's fault that the glass fall on her leg. It's not her fault if Venus (got hurt). I don't think this issue is about scheduling. They don't play a lot. If they would play like some players, you see, like Caroline, they play in over 26 tournaments. These girls they play in maybe 8 or 10 tournaments. You cannot make any change. What do you do? Play in 3 tournaments a year? I don't see anything (in the scheduling) now. It's about the injuries.

Q: About ups and downs?

Svetlana: Do I look like a machine or a robot to you? (laughter) It happens. I have ups and downs in my life, and on the tennis court. The years pass by and you then know how to deal with these ups and downs. If you don't face the change, you won't know.

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