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2010 Rogers Cup (Montréal): Interview with S. Kuznetsova and V. Zvonareva

22nd August, 2010


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Q: How was your day?

Svetlana: I had the best day in my life. We were competing in soccer. Who kicks the most amounts in a row. I was losing to Vickie so I couldn't stand it so I had to beat her up. I ended up taking forever but I did manage to (win). That's it, and the other most popular thing today in the players' lounge was the computer and the I-Phone.

Vera: I slept through everything. I don't even know what happened in the players' lounge. I just woke up, like an hour ago... I was catching up on sleep

Q: Is it difficult to wait and wait when it rains like this?

Svetlana: We went out to the court and we were almost ready to play and to serve and the rain started to go again. It's hard. You warm up ten times a day and you are ready to play. It's hard to be on and off.

Vera: It's difficult for everyone, to keep your concentration, you are relaxed and then you have to warm up and when they tell you they are going to dry up the courts. You wait, and then nothing. They dry the courts again. You warm up again, you change your clothes. It rains. You go back. You have to go change again. You don't know what's going to happen.

Svetlana: I took all my clean clothes with me. I took everything I had in my room.

Vera: Yeah we have, like eight outfits with us.

Q: How much time do you need to warm up?

Svetlana: Today was better. I came to the court and it was raining and then it stopped. The match was scheduled at 11,so I came at 10 and hit the balls until 10:30 and the it stopped, we had lunch, others slept (and) did other things. And then two times we did warm up and we are almost ready to go on.

Vera: My day started early, I booked the car at 7:45 because I wanted to have an early warm up and warm up for 45 minutes before I went on the court. I was actually able to hit for 45 minutes. The court was wet but I was still able to get the practice in. For hitting, it was OK this morning. Then another 30 minutes of warm up to try to get ready.

Svetlana: She had the advantage. She warmed up more than anybody today.

Vera: I was running on the treadmill with Caroline. We ran together. I don't know where you were. You were probably playing soccer.

Q: Two full days of waiting. Can you remember in your careers waiting that long due to weather?

Svetlana: Not for me.

Vera: No, I don't think so. Actually, yes, I remember, it was at Wimbledon three or four years ago, I was waiting to play my mixed doubles match. We were able to finish the tournament in time. The doubles match, it was the men's double and it went into the fifth set. We were supposed to play at the end of the first week and we ended up playing on Friday of the second week.

Q: How are you able to stay so positive? I mean, we're grumpy over here.

Vera: We are not in a rush. We are here, we are going to New York next week.

Svetlana: We have one week. We prefer to have two days holiday just to go to New York and do some fun stuff. Instead we spend two days in the players' lounge. Everyone is disappointed but there is only one way to look at it positive. It is good that we don't have to play next week. This is very good for us.

Vera: It's hard on fans. All the fans who came to watch tennis, they wait, they want to see us play. We play in tournaments every week. We are used to it, it's our job. We have to wait and see. It's very difficult for fans. We saw a lot of people walking with umbrellas. I think all the players appreciate them coming to try and watch tennis. It is very important for us for the people who come to support us during the semi finals and finals. The fans have been great all week, supportive of all the players. We can only imagine how disappointing it was for them.

Svetlana: I think we will have a prize for the best fans who stayed in the stadium. It was a very big effort and it's nice to see how they appreciate this game.

Q: What is the plan for the locker room before the game if it rains tomorrow? A soccer game?

Vera: I doubt that you will find a smile on our faces if we meet here again tomorrow afternoon. Let's cross our fingers and hope that we play tomorrow.

Q: The rain is scheduled to stop at exactly 10 a.m. tomorrow. That's the hourly forecast.

Svetlana: I think if it was to happen in Moscow, we would have a huge event, they would do something to stop the rain forever. They have special planes to move the clouds away. That is why it never rains in Moscow. That is why if you plan your vacation, come to Moscow in August.

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