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2007 Italian Open (Rome): pre-tournament interview

15th May, 2007

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Are you okay?

Svetlana: So far. I'm here and I'm alive. A little bit tired, but I hope I still have time to recover before tomorrow.

Q: This is your first time you are 3?

Svetlana: No, second time. I've been already this year, yes.

Q: And it means something very special to be 3?

Svetlana: It's my favourite number, one of my favourite numbers. 3 is great, you know. It's much closer to the top. But still, 3, 4 is not big difference, but still it's a bit higher. But, no, nothing like -- it's already something important that I second time only here, so it's great.

Q: And what do you think of your draw?

Svetlana: It's never easy, you know, especially after coming after two tournaments. It's very hard. Just have to get the game and the ball here. It's a little bit different, the court, surface. So hope to adapt quick, and I won't have problems if I would.

Q: And you don't play no more with Amélie in double?

Svetlana: Yes, in some way, but I think we still will play some weeks with Amélie, because I love playing with her doubles. We have very good friendship and we have lots of fun and practice together, and it's always fun to hang around.


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