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2010 Rogers Cup (Montréal): loss to Caroline Wozniacki (DEN) in semifinals

23rd August, 2010


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Q: Was (losing) because of all that waiting?

Svetlana: I have to give credit to Caroline. I think she played really well. She used a lot of her chances. In my game, I felt like it had been raining a week. In her game, I felt like she didn't have any rain. She played really well and I didn't use my chances. I was a little slow. I think the games were very close. It was a good match before the U.S. Open... It was a good experience for me.

Q: Did the two-day break have an effect on the results?

Svetlana: Not on my game, but today I didn't feel good and that's it. I am not going to say that I lost because of this. She had the same problem. She came out and she was playing even better, and I was playing worse. It doesn't matter. She won the match and I have to take a lesson from this and play better next time. I am happy it didn't happen at the U.S. Open.

Q: Did you make her run out there on the court?

Svetlana: I did run, too (laughter). But, yeah, I did move her, it was not a problem. I move her, but in key moments I just miss so easy balls. I am not used to it. It was very frustrating for me.

Q: Did you hurt yourself in the leg at one point?

Svetlana: I just hit myself on my knee but it happens sometimes. It's just painful for a few seconds but it passes. It's nothing serious.

Q: For how long will you remember this weekend (of rain)?

Svetlana: The game I will try to forget as soon as possible, but it is going to stay in my memory. Two games we've been waiting. It's like, headache. Anyway... I've been through it and next time I just do better. It happened and it's not the end of the world.

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