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2007 Internazionali BNL d'Italia (Rome): loss to Jelena Jankovic (SRB) in final

20th May, 2007

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: (From Italian) You went four times in a final and you lost the four finals, why?

Svetlana: Well, I don't know. It's just about finals, I guess, because I play so good game before it and when I come to the final I don't play so well, I guess. It's something mentally which I have to work on, but I'm definitely sure I have the game. I mean, I didn't use my chances in the first set. I had so many easy balls to finish and I didn't do that. Second set I was a little bit already tired. It's not easy to play three weeks in a row. I played good tennis. I mean, I'm sad about the finals, but I'm there and I know I can play much better than I did today. I prove it in other matches. I just have to prove it in finals. It's still important to get there, but it's very bad to lose it. I know I can improve it so it's the most important thing for me.

Q: It wasn't a question of needing to break serve out there, it was a question of needing to hold serve, wasn't it?

Svetlana: Yeah. She been serving not so good and I had some easy balls. But then when I serving she was returning pretty well. But I haven't been doing much with the serve, and I wanted to put serve harder and harder, and it was more risky and risky.

Q: Not to be impolite, but you had so many balls that just seemed like gimmes if you hit them over. Did something cramp up in your mind?

Svetlana: No. I just want to force it too much instead of going to the net and volleying. I mean, I had more balls to attack than the balls to defend in first set. But then it changed a little bit the game, and that's what I said. I had so many opportunity in first set. I didn't use them. If use at least 50% of them, the match would be completely different.

Q: Isn't that also because she is very quick on the court so you have to try to hit the ball maybe taking some risk, otherwise the ball will come back?

Svetlana: Yeah, this is the thing. I was afraid of -- I was thinking I didn't want the ball come back sometimes, but I don't think about it that it not going to hurt me because she's in defense position. If I focus well and I just have to play one more shot. She makes you play one more shot, and I had to be more focus and more consistent. I mean, when you're not at your best fresh level, best fitness condition, it's hard because you going to finish the rallies faster.

Q: What will you do between now and Roland Garros?

Svetlana: I fly tonight to Barcelona, so I will rest a few days and train and then probably go to the French.

Q: The fact that you have tape on your arm was a problem for you, or not?

Svetlana: No, no, not at all. The thing was like in the start of the tournament I was going to pull out because my body was so weak. I was hurt everywhere. It was all together. But match by match I see players pulling out and I say, Okay. I'll try and hang in, because for the tournament it will be very difficult everybody pulling out. So I played match by match, and some matches it was hurting a lot. But as match was going by and next round it was going better and better. On level of pain, today was almost the best day, yesterday and today.

Q: What exactly is the problem with the arm?

Svetlana: I don't know. Just hurting. Yeah, I mean the physios did very good job here, because I been having treatment for a while every day and I didn't recover, and so it was very important for me.

Q: Has this week still been perfect preparation for the French, though?

Svetlana: Yeah, definitely. I mean, I still improve myself, because every day -- I mean I couldn't say I was going there very positive with so many energy. I was just playing my game and I was winning the matches in two sets. I think this is about getting yourself better, even when you're tired and stuff. You just go through the matches and you just improve.


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