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2007 French Open (Paris): win over Dominika Cibulkova (SVK) in third round

2nd June, 2007

Q: Now, it gets interesting, second week. There are some very difficult players in your half of the draw who have given you trouble, Ivanovic and Hantuchova. But first, you may have to get past Shahar Peer, who has been a problem with you. And how are you going to deal with her if she's the next opponent?

Svetlana: Yeah, it's tough. It's tough, the draw. I am -- I'm happy with the way I play today. I start feeling better and better with these balls and these conditions. And Shahar, she's very tough opponent. I lost to her twice this year. First time in Melbourne when I was not playing well. In Miami, I was 3-1 up, and, I think, 30-Love or something like that. So I pretty much had the match in my hands. But clay, I play, my game's clay more than hers. So, I think I'll have much more chances here. I'll be much more comfortable. Definitely, it's going to be very tough match, but I'm looking forward to have a chance for revenge.

Q: She's so highly competitive. She just doesn't give up. Just like the female Nadal, maybe. Is that a problem for power players like yourself?

Svetlana: I think I can handle it, you know. If I know this so far, and I prepare for this, I know it's tough, not easy.

Q: You seem to be going through the draw kind of quietly, not all the attention on yourself. Do you prefer that kind of situation?

Svetlana: Yeah, definitely. It's much more comfortable, you know. And it's not so difficult. Because when people expect, I know, I feel it. People still expect from me doing well. I read the newspaper, and I see, expecting good results from me. But I don't care about this. Whatever it is, either way, I want to go out there and play the game, because this is what I came here to do.

Q: Can you talk to a couple years ago, Miami. Do you look back to that tournament as a tournament that turned things back around for you? Does it have particular significance?

Svetlana: Definitely. Definitely. I found myself playing each match very well and very consistently, you know. And I just start -- you know, I just show that I came back to play my same level as I played before or better.


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