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2007 French Open (Paris): win over Shahar Peer (ISR) in fourth round

3rd June, 2007

Q: You told us yesterday you wanted your revenge; you got your revenge today. Are you happy with this?

Svetlana: Yeah. Now I'm looking to another revenge. You know, it's never easy to beat her, and I did few mistakes. And I was up 5-Love, Love-30, and I just thrash too much. And I knew she was dangerous and I was not playing well, but then I concentrated and make my serve well in 5-3.

Q: You're already thinking about quarter finals or you think past quarter finals?

Svetlana: Of course, quarter finals. You never do another thing when you play, especially the French Open. And I have very tough next two opponents, Medina or Ivanovic. Medina is playing well. Ivanovic, I lost to her in Berlin 7-6 in the third, so that's what I was saying. I will try to get another revenge there, also.

Q: Except for closing out the match, was it your best match, you think, of the tournament so far?

Svetlana: I think yesterday I also played very well. I didn't so many comments, I didn't, I think I played very well the match yesterday. Another girl, she's pretty good. And today in first set I didn't play so well. And then in second set, I was 5-Love up, Love-30 game, I was playing excellent game. But then I didn't play so well. Too many unforced errors. But then I closed it up. But it was good match, but I don't think it was very good tennis yet, so I'm looking forward to show a better one. But, you know, it was good enough to win.

Q: Overall how do you feel, I mean, at this point in the tournament?

Svetlana: I'm feeling great, you know. It's great. I've been through four rounds, four matches without losing a set, playing confident, good tennis, and not spending so much energy. I have day off tomorrow, and then just looking pretty fresh, playing my next match.

Q: Roger Federer says he thinks you're the favorite for the --

Svetlana: No. Roger said that he likes to watch me play. He didn't say I'm a favorite, okay? I know that.

Q: What do you think of his compliment anyway?

Svetlana: Well, the Russian press told me so, and I thought like, "No, it was a joke." So today I wanted to check it myself. And I went to Internet last night and I read this. And it's if I would have to choose a compliment of anybody of, like, best thing to hear about myself, definitely it's the best I ever heard. And it's, like, the best you can hear. Like Roger, is legend. He's almost -- it's my dream. It's never going to come true, but Roger played unbelievable tennis. I mean, it's unbelievable to hear this, to hear him say about my tennis. So it's a little bit compliment for me. He's my, like, hero, you know. So it's, like, the best. There's no more words the say about that.

Q: So you have to win now so not to disappoint him?

Svetlana: Well, it's too much pressure to take on myself, but really thinking that he likes my game, I would like to prove it more, you know, so, yeah, that's it.

Q: Last year you played the final. Does it give you something, a plus, something like a plus?

Svetlana: The plus I'm getting this year by passing round by round, showing that I really can do well in French Open and just playing well, you know. I'm just confident and playing. Yeah, I just -- it's great to be here. That's the only thing. I love doing -- I love playing tennis, and it's great to pass round by round here at French Open.

Q: Do you think that certain regions produce certain styles of players? You have an interesting perspective because you grew up in Russia and you trained mostly in Spain. But do you believe that that's the case, you can look at certain countries and say --

Svetlana: Yeah, I do believe where a player train -- but it's also important thing, it's mentality, which I think I have Russian mentality. The Spanish people are my friends and my coaches, they not agree 100 percent with that. I still have lots of things which I love from Spain, which I took to myself. But, still, in my heart, whatever it is, it's Russian, you know, and it's mixed. So I think it helps me a lot.

Q: Do you think your strokes are more Spanish and your mentality is more Russian?

Svetlana: Yeah, this is it. I think so, you know. There could be so many other opinions, but also like Maria, you can see, like, she plays more, like, flat tennis. You know, but it's different, of course. Her body is different than mine. And Amélie plays French tennis. Well, I don't know. But, you can see definitely.

Q: What is that mentality? What is that Russian mentality? How would you describe that?

Svetlana: Well, like, first of all, you go hard, very hard to yourself, and you would not give up, or, you know, you would not be afraid of difficult times. And then sometimes we're a little too crazy. Let's say it this way.

Q: Russian women are often thought of as technicians, you know, with staying at the baseline, hitting two-handed backhands.

Svetlana: But this is tennis, you see. This is not mentality.

Q: Do you think that comes out of a certain mentality?

Svetlana: No, this is tennis, you're talking about, the game. And what's about what you think in your head is just different. I don't think comparing like me and Elena Dementieva, we have different games, but we have similar, maybe, mentality where we would fight, fight, fight and fight. That's what I see, the mentality.

Q: Russian, you do say Russian men players have different mentality than the women?

Svetlana: Well, about fighting, I don't know.

Q: There are three in the draw for the first time.

Svetlana: Oh, yeah?

Q: Yes.

Svetlana: So it's Youzhny --

Q: Andreev, and Davydenko.

Svetlana: Well, you see, like Andreev, it's Spanish tennis, completely Spanish. I don't think there is much of Russian. But mentality, I think he has so much of Russian personality, especially. Davydenko, he's completely Russian, in game, in mentality, everything. I don't want to discuss guys. You know them better than I do. I'm just like -- we're not commentator on TV or something like that. I think guys -- not so many guys now in Russian tennis. But I think they're doing so much better now than they've been last year and stuff.


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