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2007 Wimbledon Champs. (London): loss to Venus Williams (USA) in quarter finals

5th July, 2007

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: What happened to the cornrows?

Svetlana: My head was very tired and was asking me to take them out, so... It was two weeks and a half. I first was only going to keep it for one week. I like it. I keep it for two weeks and a half. Now I like it even more.

Q: Do you call it cornrows in Russia?

Svetlana: Yeah, more or less.

Q: Did Serena help you with it?

Svetlana: No. Serena was home resting.

Q: Have you ever been hit by an ace before?

Svetlana: Not really.

Q: How good is she on grass? Is she better on grass than other surfaces?

Svetlana: I don't know. I mean, now I think she's in top of her form in last two, three years. I never played her like in really good form when she was winning a lot. So she just played very well. I think she just played better than me today and I had to play very well to beat her. I still played good. I didn't play bad, terrible or something. I still had to use all my chances to beat her. She was just playing well.

Q: Is it different to play her here than playing anywhere else?

Svetlana: Well, of course, everybody has different styles. Of course, is different. She served very well today. Yeah, her game hurts a lot on grass.

Q: Is there still the intimidation factor with the Williams sisters? Is that factor back again?

Svetlana: I don't know. I don't have any intimidation from them. I respect who they are, what they made, what they achieved in the tennis. I think they're good people, that's it. I don't know about intimidation.

Q: How is the stopping and starting affecting your game?

Svetlana: I think I'm pretty cool with it. This year I don't have any problems like that. I had also very tough week in Berlin this year. It was rain. We had to wait a lot of time in club. It's hard, you know. Waiting is boring. But it's all right. Of course, it's not the same thing if you just wait all the time there sorry, if you go and play, but it's all right.

Q: Are you prepared to play on Monday if you need to?

Svetlana: I don't have another choice. I'm here with my partner. I mean, what can I do?

Q: It's not driving you crazy, this kind of weather?

Svetlana: It's for me important Wimbledon. The weather, I cannot change it. If I have to stay, no problem. One more day for a Grand Slam, it's not a big deal.

Q: Venus seemed to be saying your cornrows might be painful for you. Was it hurting you?

Svetlana: Little bit. If you're not used to it it's getting dirty faster. You cannot really wash it good because otherwise your hair go outside. No, it's been hurting me a little bit, but it's okay.

Q: Next week is the marriage of Kim Clijsters. You are a good friend. Did you receive any invitation? If not, do you still have some contact with her?

Svetlana: I see her a lot on messenger, thing on Internet. I see she's connected sometimes. Yeah, I didn't receive any invitation. I was not that close, you know, to her so she invite me.

Q: What date is that?

Svetlana: Next Saturday. I'll just call her and will congratulate her. Probably she'll be busy. I'll probably text her SMS.

Q: Who cut your hair?

Svetlana: I didn't cut it. I didn't cut my hair for a while. Looks shorter.

Q: Do you think Venus will win the tournament?

Svetlana: I think she has very good chances. I think she has very good chances.

Q: More than Justine Henin?

Svetlana: It's hard. I didn't play Justine. But she plays also unbelievably well. That's why I say chances for me, they both going to play final, that's what I think. I think it's going to be very interesting match. If Venus going to keep serving like that, so good, I think she has really good chances.


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