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2007 Pilot Pen Tennis (New Haven): win over Francesca Schiavone (ITA) in quarter finals

23rd August, 2007

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Texting everyone to tell them you won again?

Svetlana: Excuse me?

Q: Texting everyone to tell them you won again?

Svetlana: No. Some girl is asking me for practice in the US Open and I said I cannot do it right now. I got take care of here.

Q: Do you like matches like this, or would you rather have played at least to two sets?

Svetlana: Well, in some point it was good to keep energy, but then I enjoy to play full matches. Today it was pretty hot. It was pretty weird. It was very difficult to start on the match, and as soon as I start rolling it stops. So I do this huge effort to start and then it stops and it was kind of weird. But still I'm happy. I cannot change it. I got take it the way it is. I think I played pretty well in the end.

Q: A Yankee hat.

Svetlana: Oh, yeah. Well, a different one today.

Q: Is this a strange tournament, in that injuries which players might normally play through they're not going to play through in this tournament because of the US Open next week?

Svetlana: Yeah. It affects a lot definitely. It affects a lot having the US Open next week. You try to reserve yourself a lot and stuff like that. But I think I'm completely opposite. I try to play matches. For me the more matches I get the better here.

Q: Did you feel any retribution after when you played Schiavone in Amelia Island when you retired and she was very boastful and today you got the win over her?

Svetlana: I won Miami and afterwards I was just very tired. I had too many matches, and changing from hard to clay one week to another it's difficult. Now I just feel mature and I know the game of her. I think more on the court. I try to play more uncomfortable game instead of just hitting in the ball.

Q: Are you getting in as much tennis as you wanted to this week?

Svetlana: Yesterday I had three setter match so it was good to me. Maybe I haven't played my best, but it's good to have tennis matches and to come from worse to better. Today it's sad but it was pretty good.

Q: What is it like for you to have a win over Schiavone by retirement when you had to retire by injury and she didn't act so Kosher, I guess?

Svetlana: Well, you know, I was asking her, you know, you're still moving pretty well today. I know her movement as well as her strength in the game, but still she was running well. She goes, Yeah, but I'm not sure. My leg is hurting a few days. Well, I cannot do anything about it. But for me it was also important match today because for Fed Cup after the finals we play after the US Open. I was focused and I wanted to play well and I think I did.

Q: What are your thoughts on your next match?

Svetlana: I play Elena, right? She won. I play her here last year in quarters I think and we had three setter. I always enjoy playing her. I know her game pretty well, as she does mine. It's always interesting. I think I have better record, but still, you know, it's always good to play your countrywoman and it great to have two Russians in the semifinal.

Q: Whether you win or lose here in this next match do you think you're prepared for the US Open?

Svetlana: Well, I guess it's too far to start talking about US Open. You know, semifinal, I think I have pretty good chances. I just going to focus on here. I know the New York is coming next week, but still I want to take it day by day. I still hope to win tomorrow and have one more match. But still going to give my best and not going think the way I am now for the Open.


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