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2007 WTA Tour Champs. (Madrid): loss to Maria Sharapova (RUS) - Red Group

8th November, 2007

Q: Do you think that pressure might have been a factor today?

Svetlana: No, I don't think so. I think today I handled it much much better than other days. I had my chances. I can't complain. With Maria, she's not a player who's a regular player, she was world No. 1. Against her if you have chances you have to use them. If you don't use them you have much less chances than against other players. I had my chances in the second set and I didn't use them and it was tough for me to come back. She started to serve really well and there was so much pressure on my serve. I didn't serve well. I think that was the key.

Q: You are the second ranked player in the World. Are you disappointed that you will not qualify from the group?

Svetlana: Yes I am dispappointed but here its not the players, no. 30, no. 50, it's the best 8 players in in the world. Everybody is playing very good and for some players it's better to play indoors and for other players it's outdoors. In some way I'm happy that the next championships are outdoors so I play better but I still I tried to do my best. I gave everything today. Maria was just better and she played much higher than, I don't know what her rank is now, but she played much higher than her rank is.

Q: You have had two incidents in the first break that Maria did to you in the second set: a ball in the net that fell to the ground, and then you fell to the floor and lost the point. Do you think those two incidents have been decisive? Because after that you lost four games in a row...

Svetlana: I think I had my chances in the second set before she broke my serve, and I also had chances to come back, but I didn't use them. Maria has played at a great level, she doesn't give you that many chances, and if you don't take advantage of them, she is going to win you. That moment was very decisive, but I have to learn to move better.

Q: Before the tournament you said that this year you came more prepared than other years to the Masters; now that it is more or less over, what do you think that might have gone wrong?

Svetlana: You know what? I still think the same, even if I've lost two matches. The reason I lost the first one was very mental, but compared to last year I have played much better, I've done more things in the court. I still have to improve, because indoors is not my best court, but I think I've played better tennis, I've lost, but this happens. Winning is not always the most important thing in tennis. I have to do and improve some things, but it will arrive some day. I think I've played better, but in these important moments I still have to improve.


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