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Sony Ericsson Open (Miami): win over Venus Williams (USA) in quarter finals

1st April, 2008

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Pretty good match for you today, huh?

Svetlana: It was pretty ups and downs for me and for her, but I guess I was more consistent and I played better. I served better. I served more consistently than she. I didn't have so many aces, but I was more consistent.

Q: So you think about it at all when you're playing that, you know, she's looking to play her sister in the semifinals?

Svetlana: Doesn't matter because I gotta to take game one at a time. Because if I think, Oh, Venus and Serena, you know, it makes huge ball. You never think about it. You just gotta go day by day, because I never know what to expect from her, and sometimes I don't know what to expect from me. You know, it's different days. It's tennis, so anything could happen because she's very good player. She was No. 1. She won Olympics. I don't know, so many titles. She's good, you know. She can play amazing some days, and today I think I played better.

Q: This is a good tournament for you. You won it a couple years ago. A lot of players don't like the wind and everything. You seem to feel pretty comfortable here.

Svetlana: Believe me, after wind in Doha, this is... (Phone ringing) Sorry. This is like nothing.

Q: Somebody's calling you.

Svetlana: It's a message. So it's comfortable. I like the balls. I love to play in the States. I always play good somewhere. I played Indian Wells finals twice, I won US Open, I won New Haven. I feel pretty good.

Q: You should move here.

Svetlana: Well, I love the States. I love States. I really do. And I love New York.

Q: Look ahead to Serena. She played really well today.

Svetlana: I didn't see anything. I guess she played unbelievable, but I was in my hotel watching Next Top Model or whatever I was watching. I was not watching any of tennis. It was not on TV. I wanted to watch. It was interesting.

Q: How would you approach her?

Svetlana: Oh, we played indoors last year. We have 1-1. First time I won. In Moscow she beat me. I beat her in Stuttgart. It's tough. I'm really happy to play her. I'm very excited, you know. It's going to be tough match. Definitely she's going to have crowd on her side, as Venus did today. But I'm looking forward to playing her.

Q: Are you going to play Amelia or Charleston or any of those? None of those?

Svetlana: No. For me, I love States, but to be one month and a half out of my hometown for me it's too much.


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