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Federation Cup (Moscow): following draw ceremony - Russia v USA

25th April, 2008

Q: Svetlana, so back in fed cup action. Pleased to be here?

Svetlana: Yeah definitely. It's always a pleasure to play Fed Cup and especially at home. It's amazing.

Q: You were not available for Israel. Maria (Sharapova) playing then. Was that an arrangement prior to the start of the year, that you would play one and Maria would play the other?

Svetlana: Well, I wasn't planning to play any and I was trying to play more some singles tournaments and stuff. But Shamil (Tarpishchev) asked to play some rounds and for me it was more comfortable to play that one than Israel. So...

Q: Talk about your form, Svetlana, this year. How do you assess your form at the moment?

Svetlana: You know I feel great. I played good tennis I think in Indian Wells. Miami, I did semi finals but it was long two weeks - each tournament - and I feel great. And especially playing home it always feels even better.

Q: What do you know about your opponent, Ahsha? Have you seen much of Ahsha Rolle?

Svetlana: No, no, not really. But I guess she's very dangerous. I think she beat (Tatiana) Golovin in US Open or ... yeah, US open. And, or Australian Open. I don't know, but definitely she can be very dangerous because they have nothing to lose also.

Q: Is that a, I guess a, in a way the fact that they have nothing to lose puts all the pressure on you?

Svetlana: Yeah, it puts the pressure, but I think we have experience how to handle it so we gotta work with that.


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