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Federation Cup (Moscow): win over Ahsha Rolle (USA) on Day 1

26th April, 2008

Q: Svetlana, congratulations. On paper that was easy, but in tennis, nothing is ever won on paper is it?

Svetlana: Well it was tough in the start but then I got control, you know. I wanted to play too good, you know. I saw ... felt the difference in the level and I wanted to do it sometimes too good and then I just started to play basic stuff and it became so much easier. But see I wanted to practice some shots and just went out pretty well for me.

Q: I think that was your first clay court match since Roland Garros. Am I right in saying that? So that was tough as well?

Svetlana: Yeah definitely it was tough. But I been practising pretty much on clay court and I'm pretty happy with the result.

Q: Talk about the tie now. You were expected to be 2-0 up but you've done a good job.

Svetlana: Well you expect to do best but you never know how it will go so it was good. I am pretty happy with that and looking forward again for tomorrow. Let's see who we're gonna play.


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