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Federation Cup: prior to Final against Italy in Moscow

20th August, 2007

Q: Svetlana Kuznetsova, thanks for your time and thanks for joining us on Fed Cup by BNP Paris Bas - the official website. Russia into the final. You weren't at the semi finals but you were pretty excited when the Russian team got past the Americans.

Svetlana: Yeah, I was. I was jumping around. I was following on the Internet live scoreboard and I was so excited that the girls won. I think it was a bit of surprise, you know but I am very well happy and I was trying to call but the lines were not working and I tried everybody's phone in the team and nobody pick it up. But in 2 days I called Tarpishchev and we spoke about it and he asked me if I can come and I was so happy you know. I was like, if you need me for sure I would be there you know. And definitely for my country. It's gonna be an amazing thing and we play in Russia again and it's third final for Russia in four years and we win two already so. And I've been one of them. I missed one and I definitely been missing Fed Cup so much when I was not playing so I'm really happy to play again.

Q: You were saying you were trying to reach the team. Now why do you think the lines were not working - the phone lines?

Svetlana: I was joking around and I think some people got disconnected, but I don't think so I guess it's like ... so like they were not working for nobody so...

Q: I mean it was pretty amazing. Um, I was there. I was watching all those matches. Nadia Petrova played so well but so did the whole team really.

Svetlana: Yeah I heard about it. I heard they had a bit of a difficult condition. It was raining or something happened and then I guess everybody was very excited and I guess everybody started as a team so that's why they won and then...

Q: But you've already committed. You were saying you're going to be playing the final. I mean normally the Russian team ... Shamil Tarpishchev likes to keep the whole team together for the whole year but you're coming back for the final.

Svetlana: Well I wasn't there for semis because of my shoulder. If not I would be there you know and yeah Shamil he asked me and he said he wants to keep the same team you know. And I played the first round so basically it's the same team.

Q: What is so special about Fed Cup? What do you like a bout Fed Cup?

Svetlana: Because there is a team, you know. We like play on our own, we compete against each other and it's so hard, you know. And every ... you're all on your own with your one, two team you know mates, like coach and physio whoever, massages. But when you play for your country it's all you guys together, you know and now one of the best teams is the Russians so we're like most ... when we're together and we have captain and we have nice people around and we have so much fun and we're together fighting for our colours of the country so it's really exciting.

Q: Well, red, white and blue colours of Russia against the green, red and white of Italy. What are your thoughts on playing Francesca Schiavone and the rest of the Italians?

Svetlana: Definitely it's gonna be extremely hard but I hope for win and I'll just do my best.

Q: The excitement, the atmosphere will be pretty amazing again in Moscow.

Svetlana: Yeah, definitely. I can't wait for it, you know. I don't ... I think I wasn't experienced enough to play when I played first time 2004 and I didn't win many matches but I think I'm ready to do better.


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