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Wimbledon Championships (London): loss to Agnieszka Radwanska (POL) in fourth round

30th June, 2008

Q: What happened in the third set when you were leading 1-4?

Svetlana: 4-1. I was leading. This is gonna be my subject I'm thinking for next few days, because for me I lost first set. I was not very comfortable. I was getting used to her game, and her game is very tough for grass court. Mine is not so tough. And then I said, Okay, I rather gonna attack and play my game or I'm not going to play on the baseline, there is not many chances to win. There is chances, but it's 50/50, if I win or no. I have to fight so hard. So I decided, Okay, I have to serve and volley and I have to come to the net. The thing I did -- and for me, I was playing unbelievably well for grass court. I was surprised by myself. I was 6-4, 4-1 up. I don't know why at that moment, but I stopped doing whatever I was doing was bringing me success. I think I was depending out there so much out of me, from myself, and I'm pretty surprised that I've changed that. Because this is never you can change the tactics. Winning tactics, you cannot change it. Suddenly I started play on the baseline, a few points there. It goes quick on grass. She just made me one break. I lost like breakpoint she had. Easy forehand I hit in the net. I just lost my chance there.

Q: Did she deserve to win?

Svetlana: For me she was there all the time. I think she played good enough, but I was not at my best in important moments.

Q: What do you think her chances are against Serena Williams, and what do you think it will depend on?

Svetlana: Well, this is gonna be the same thing. I guess Serena, she will hit harder. I don't know if she will come to the net so much, but she can do that. I think Serena gonna dictate a lot the game. Agnieszka, she play good. Very consistent player. But it's not something like she can beat you by winners. She's very consistent. She's always there. She makes you play. She never gonna lose match to herself, you know what I mean?

Q: What are her chances do you think of beating Serena?

Svetlana: Well, I don't know. You got to ask some guys who do the, you know, bets and stuff about chances. It's not my job to say that (smiling).

Q: What are your thoughts on the top four seeds here being out at this point, what it might suggest as far as the big picture on the women's tour?

Svetlana: For me grass court is very tough to get used to, and nobody have time to get used to after French Open. It's extremely tough for me. I was suffering so much my first match. And neither of other girls went to play one week before Wimbledon, because everybody needs rest. The season is too long. It's no way from French Open to get in good shape for Wimbledon. You have to get prepared extremely well and be extremely lucky in first rounds to get through and then get better. I was feeling better maybe today and my past match. My first two matches I was playing pretty horrible, you know. You still go through fighting or you have a bit luck. So I think it's because of this, you know, everybody's out.

Q: You said Radwanska's game is well-suited for grass.

Svetlana: Yeah.

Q: Can you elaborate? What specifically makes her good on grass?

Svetlana: She plays a bit different on grass than on other surface. I played her on every surface possible I think now. I beat her last year here. She plays better inside, a little bit inside, when she plays on grass. She uses your power, you know. She uses your power and she dictates a little bit. Like her ball is not jumping high. So it's always low. So this is where she does well.

Q: Williams sisters are born for grass?

Svetlana: Well, they hit stronger possible and they of serve so well. Serving is very important. They serving bombs. Well, you go out there and try to do something with the serve. They play very good on the grass. And I think they didn't play so many tournaments so they're not so burn out, you know. Most of persons who get far in French Open didn't play this year good in Roland Garros, sorry, in Wimbledon. I don't know, if you look at statistics.


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