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Federation Cup Final (Madrid): following draw ceremony - Russia v Spain

12th September, 2008

Q: Svetlana, another Fed Cup final. Do you ever get tired of being in these situations? I'm sure not.

Svetlana: Not at all. I love playing for my team for me it takes so much pride for the Russians, especially with all the girls. I mean Vera (Zvonareva) is such a great person and a great player and it's just so much fun. It's so different from being just individual sports player.

Q: This year it's been an opportunity to play for your country on a few occasions and that's great isn't it?

Svetlana: Exactly. I love playing for my country. I always try to do my best. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Different conditions - different shapes. But yeah, enjoying it a lot.

Q: Coming...even though you're playing the final in Spain and in one sense it's not home but in one sense it's sort of at home, isn't it?

Svetlana: Well, it's been so long ago. So many years I've been training here. I train in Barcelona. It's pretty different Madrid and Barcelona, but still I understand a lot and I speak the language so it makes it very easy for me.

Q: What about the altitude over here. Do you think it will have an effect?

Svetlana: Maybe only to help us, but anyway I don't feel that much difference.

Q: And finally, talk about playing Carla Suarez-Navarro.

Svetlana: I never played her before. I know she had great French Open but I feel very positive about the match and I'm just gonna look forward for it and enjoy my game.

Q: Great, thanks Kuzie.

Svetlana: Thank you.


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