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Federation Cup Final (Madrid): win over Carla Suarez-Navarro (ESP) on Day 1

13th September, 2008

Q: Kuzie, congratulations. You started off very well. Let's just look at that first set. How do you think you were playing in that first set? Pretty happy?

Svetlana: Well, 4-0 I was great. I was playing good. She...I think she didn't feel anything because I was attacking and she didn't find her game. I give her a little bit chances. I started to do some unforced errors and then I lost my serve and it got complicated. But I get back to basics and I won that set and second set I was attacking more and felt much more confident.

Q: So what were you telling yourself? Once that first set was over with and you had to close it out in the second, what were you telling yourself?

Svetlana: Yeah, just improve the things I was working on and just start to play better and better point by point.

Q: And the same sort of thing, I would think, Shamil (Tarpishchev) was also telling you on the change of ends?

Svetlana: Yeah, definitely. He was just telling me small mistakes that I was doing. Just he say everything was great so just keep playing and keep improving.

Q: How much does a match like this give you in confidence?

Svetlana: A lot actually. Playing in Madrid against Spanish is not easy with the crowd but still it's great because I felt like attacking...playing my game all the time. So it was great.

Q: And the altitude? It obviously didn't bother you.

Svetlana: No, not much. I mean the bounce was high and I had so many bad bounces but still I was trying to get used to it and take the ball as soon as I can.

Q: And you've got the first match in the first reverse singles. Your thoughts on that?

Svetlana: Great, you know. Tomorrow's match is gonna be tough. We're 2-Love up but still, you know, it's gonna be very tough. She (Anabel Medina Garrigues) plays good on clay but she lost today. So it's good for me - she's not very confident and I am. So just looking forward for tomorrow.

Q: Kuzie, congratulations and good luck for the second day.

Svetlana: Thank you.


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