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Federation Cup Final (Madrid): win over Anabel Medina Garrigues (ESP) on Day 2

14th September, 2008

Q: Svetlana Kuznetsova, congratulations. How excited are you, Russia again winning the Fed Cup by BNP Paris Bas?

Svetlana: Yeah, it's great. It's amazing feeling. Even I wasn't playing my best game it was so important for me to win this point for team and it's great feeling, you know. We are four-time champion in five years so it means we show it one more time and Russia is on the top and we play so good.

Q: But personally what does it mean for you? I think this is your third personal Fed Cup?

Svetlana: Yeah, third personal Fed Cup, third personal win. You know, first Fed Cup I was so nervous and I didn't know which way to put it and I lost all my matches. But then as time go by I got so much more experience and I feel more energy. I learn to get it from the crowd and put it in the game. So it's great for me and I feel really happy.

Q: You started off this match against Anabel Medina Garrigues so well - double break and then suddenly she got back into the match.

Svetlana: Yeah, I gave her chance to get back. I think it was very similar as yesterday but she just has higher level and she could use the chances I gave her. I started to play a little bit baseline tennis for her game and then my team held me up and I started to attack more. It was some mistakes as it always happens but still I was doing that I think and it was this and I won the match.

Q: How nervous were you? How concerned were you when you didn't convert those set points in the first and then even the third set she started to come back again?

Svetlana: Well I was worried because I was 5-3 up and 40-30 and advantage few times and I could have won 6-3, 6-3, you know. But still it's tennis. I didn't use my chances and I knew I am better player. My fitness is better and I have just keep playing. It's not easy mentally when you don't use chances to come back. But still, you know, I come up in the top and it's important for me, but next time I have to use my chances.

Q: I guess the important thing is it doesn't matter how you win as long as you win.

Svetlana: Definitely, definitely. And it's very important to win not playing good game and still be motivated. But still, you know, I have to work to get to the top of my game. I have to work on this - not to give chances to another players when I lead them to come back.

Q: And one other thing. This is really your first big championship of the year isn't it? And so what does this do for your confidence for the rest of this year?

Svetlana: Well, I feel it's very different. But still it's great, you know, for me team competition I give my everything. In singles it's a bit different. But still, I'm really happy, you know. I won this final and Vera (Zvonareva) won it and all the team we won it, so it's great. It's not my victory, it's all the team's victory.

Q: Well done, Kuzie.

Svetlana: Thank you.


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