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China Open (Beijing): Pre-tournament press conference

22nd September, 2008

Q: We know that the year 2008 is very disappointed for you, for you didn't have great results in grand slam. How do you feel about your performances this year?

Svetlana: 2008 is not an ideal year for me, but I think it is not too bad though. After all, I entered the finals for several times, and also defeated several good players. Not very good, but not too bad either. I will try.

Q: Can you share your experiences in Spain days ago? I know that you are an old friend for China Open since 2004, which has been updated. Can you give out some comments on China Open about your different experiences these years?

Svetlana: I played well in Fed Cup Spain, but the schedule was really tight, so it was very hard for me. Changing from red field to a different one, I think I am satisfied with my performances, and I also got some points. Concerning about China, I like coming to China, and I like these nice players. I am really happy to be back to China Open. I hope to do well here.

Q: I saw you listened to MP3 just now. What kind of music do you like? Do you have any favorite particular songs for relaxation? During your spare time, do you like to go to KTV or Karaoke?

Svetlana: I have reserved a lot of songs in my MP3, so I cannot pick a specific song out to tell you. But I like to listen to Russian music, and I like Hip-hop and R&B most. I often go to KTVs in Moscow, but I am not good at singing. Because I am a little shy, and I don't want to be laughed, so I listen more than singing.

Q: In the history of China Open, nobody can win championship for twice. You have won first prize in 2006, are you confident to win another title this year?

Svetlana: I feel relaxed now, but still I need 2 or 3 days to recover from Tokyo. In the following days, I will work hard, and I hope to do well in Beijing.


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