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Australian Open (Melbourne): loss to Serena Williams (USA) in quarterfinals

28th January, 2009

Q: Did the closing of the roof greatly affect your chances of winning?

Svetlana: It's gave her more chances, I guess (smiling). I mean, I don't know. Yeah, definitely it was a big change. I was very comfortable playing outside.

Q: What were the conditions? You obviously prepared, did you, for the conditions today?

Svetlana: Well, yeah, I guess it's two different games. One you play inside; one you play outside. She has big serve. She was using it very good when the roof was closed. I guess it was in her favor very much. But, still, I tried to do my best and I had my chances even like that. I was 5-3 up.

Q: Some people that were in the tunnel when you came off court suggested that you were a little bit angry to have been brought off court. Is that correct?

Svetlana: Well, yeah, definitely angry. Why should I not be? Game going my way. I'm fine playing with the roof. I think the guys yesterday, it was the same weather. Everybody was playing with the roof. Why today they had to close it? I didn't get it. Yeah, that was why I was angry.

Q: Who are you angry at?

Svetlana: I don't know (laughter).

Q: Did you ask the referee?

Svetlana: What I have to ask them? It's the tournament, what I have to say. I'm just a player. I play. That's it. It's not in my hands, you know.

Q: Is it difficult for you and the other players to understand how the rule on heat works here?

Svetlana: I didn't get the rule at all. Closing the roof middle of the match, I don't get it.

Q: Was it especially surprising for you that you started with an open roof and then during the match they closed it?

Svetlana: Yeah. I mean, how you do that? I don't know. You just playing outdoor tennis, and one set you play indoor tennis. It's very good. Serena was tough. She's playing great. I give her credit. But I don't get this rule. This is it.

Q: In your heart of hearts, do you think if the roof stayed open you would have won the game?

Svetlana: You know, there is one saying that they say. It's not very good one. I mean, you can say what happen if, if, if? The match is over. She won. This is it. But it could have been different way.

Q: Did you feel okay out there? You didn't feel any physical discomfort or danger?

Svetlana: What, in the heat?

Q: Yes.

Svetlana: No. I was completely fine. It was not easy to play because it's heat. But we are in Australia. It's normal, no, to play with the heat.

Q: When you were looking at Serena down the other end, did you detect she was having trouble in the heat?

Svetlana: Well, you can compare her serve with the roof closed and with the roof open. This is it. This makes all difference. Yeah, I saw it's tough for her. It was the same, not very easy for me, you know. But I managed to move pretty well. I was fine. I was playing well. This is it.

Q: You were serving for the match still.

Svetlana: Yeah, that's what I said. It doesn't matter. I still had my chance. Even with roof closed, I was 5-3 up, 5-4, serving for the match. I just didn't do that. Definitely the chances with the roof open would be more. But, still, I had my chances. You know, I'm there, I just got to work on some points on my game to improve it. That's it.

Q: What do you take away from the tournament, what positives?

Svetlana: Well, it's not much, you know. I just have to improve a few moments which was missing today. I guess I've done too many unforced errors and I've been not serving so well in the important moments - in the third set especially. But, yeah, I got to work just in some ways. But I'm there, you know. It's not too far away. But this step is the most difficult one, and I just got to work on it.

Q: Do you think somebody from your country will go on and win the title?

Svetlana: Well, we have 35% of chances (smiling). Definitely it was great. I was hoping it would be four people in semifinal of my country. But I couldn't make it. You know, it's my fault. We could have make history. But, again, could have, would have. Maybe next time.


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