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Federation Cup (Moscow): win over Zi Yan (CHN) on Day 1

7th February, 2009

Q: Yan Zi could not play on this surface. How did you like it?

Svetlana: She sent all the balls in the line. And all the balls, sent in the line, rebound badly no matter what surface it is.

Q: Why did you have difficulties in the second set?

Svetlana: I wanted to play better and took more risks. Yan Zi also started do the same. So it's how we played.

Q: Why isn't your coach here with you?

Svetlana: I saw her rarely last time, she was absent in November and December. She's now in London with her family, but I don't need her here now. There are plenty of good coaches at this Fed Cup: for instance, Larisa Savchenko and Olkhovsky.

Q: Have you changed your style? Do you prefer shorts now?

Svetlana: I'm tired of skirts, it's all hackneyed, I want something new. That's why I put on shorts.


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