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2006 Sony Ericsson WTA Champs. (Madrid): loss to Maria Sharapova (RUS)

10th November, 2006


Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: What happened, you started with the tournament, two of the matches, and you're out of the competition, what happened on the week?

Svetlana: I'm happy the year is over. I mean my mistake was yesterday, it was not today. I mean Maria, she's in great shape of all the players for the moment. I was in (inaudible). She's here. It's normal in tennis. Her best surface is in (inaudible). I had my chances. I didn't use them and it's normal you lose. But at least I've been playing somehow. But it's tennis, another day it's another one. But at least it was better than yesterday.

Q: What did you learn in the year in projection for 2007?

Svetlana: So many things. I'm very happy because in 2005 was really disappointing and tough year. So I was in doubt how I'll play this year and I worked pretty hard to come back and it was tough changes for me. And I've been working a lot. I think I'm changing for the best, but still have lots of things to work.

Q: Now, holidays?

Svetlana: Yeah. Probably go to Spain to doctor to take my wisdom teeth out. So it's not nice, then I go to St. Petersburg. So I'm looking forward to seeing my family.

Q: (Spanish) Can you tell us something about how the tournament is accepted here in Spain? Can you tell us how the tournament has been welcomed here in Spain for the first time?

Svetlana: I've enjoyed it. I'd like to play better especially in Madrid. I've liked the organization. I'd like to achieve a better result next year. I've got many things to improve, especially for indoor matches. I need to work on that and try to improve for next year.

Q: Are you comfortable on the court?

Svetlana: During the whole tournament, there's indoor court than clay court. To be sincere indoor court does not fit my game. And to play against high and tall players here it's difficult, but I think I've improved since 2005, I think in LA. I've had chances today but that time I lost. I was way behind. Maybe yesterday I played a better match and things have been different, well clay would be a different match. I would love to play here on clay but this is what we have. I think I've improved my game even if it's indoor but I need to work hard to improve.


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