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Sony Ericsson Open (Miami) - Doubles: win over Raymond / Peschke in final

5th April, 2009

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Second day in a row that the doubles championship goes to the super tiebreaker. Can you just talk about the tension and coming back to win?

Svetlana: I think it's third time. I think we played most of the matches on tiebreaker. You know, we lost last week also in tiebreaker. We won first tiebreaker, second one we lost, and we have a little bit of experience. But, yeah, the tension is huge, and it's little bit of lottery. I think we're very lucky in this tournament, and we played good.
Amélie: We played good in the super tiebreak, but not so good at the beginning of the match. But then we did what we had to do. That's the way it is. That's the new rule now, so we have to adjust to that. That's what we did.

Q: Would you have rather played out a third set?

Amélie: No.
Svetlana: We won, so no.

Q: You're happy with the way it is?

Amélie: Yes.

Q: Does it help to play the doubles for singles players?

Amélie: You know for sure you're not going spend two hours or two and a half hours on the court. When you're out of singles, then it's strange.
Svetlana: It's very tough to stay active and motivated.
Amélie: We are going down a little bit.
Svetlana: It's different tension for singles and for doubles.
Amélie: But also to stay active on the court and on days off and every thing is, for us, we're not used to it.

Q: What is the motivation? What keeps you going to get to today?

Amélie: Well, we don't want to lose. (Laughter.)
Svetlana: But we enjoy so much playing, I think, and we have so much fun. If I played with someone who put me angry faces and tell me how bad I am, definitely I rather go home and spend time with family. But I enjoy playing with Amélie. We have so much fun, and every time we play better. I think we played much better this year than past years.
Amélie: Yes.

Q: Looking forward to win the French, Wimbledon, US Open?

Amélie: Yeah, all of them.
Svetlana: We want to become doubles stars, specialists.

Q: I was talking in singles.

Amélie: Both. And mixed also.
Svetlana: Both, yes. And mixed, yes. Somebody become a man and we will play, because we don't want to play with other partner. We have too much fun.

Q: Are you going to play the big ones this year?

Amélie: We don't know yet really.
Svetlana: We'll see.
Amélie: We said Miami and Indian Wells, and then we will see.
Svetlana: The schedule is tough. We would love to play, but if it doesn't disturb our singles. This is the key point.

Q: So you have to lose in singles early?

Svetlana: No.
Amélie: It's not the priority, no.

Q: You may play three sets and tiebreaker and could be easier.

Amélie: That's good. Three tiebreaks and we're done.
Svetlana: Three tiebreaks and we're done. Yeah, but the way we played today, I think we need a set to warm up a little bit.

Q: Does it take away some of the pain of losing in the singles when you can walk away with a doubles title?

Svetlana: Actually, feel very hard to stay after losing. It's the worst.
Amélie: But once the disappointed is past, then it's...
Svetlana: Yeah, but how many days you need disappointment to pass? (Laughter.) It takes you for a week, so...
Amélie: I had a week, so it's okay. You had only...
Svetlana: I'm not yet, but you know.
Amélie: No, it's fun. We're enjoying. We're not really stressed by playing the final or not or winning or losing, and maybe that's why it goes well.

Q: You're a little looser maybe than another teams only focusing on doubles?

Amélie: Yeah, we try to improve whatever, serve, return, whatever we need to work on for singles.


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