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Federation Cup (Castellaneta Marina): win over Flavia Pennetta (ITA) on Day 2

26th April, 2009

Q: Svetlana, well played. How much of that was a reaction from yesterday?

Svetlana: Yeah, I didn't play too bad. I played the same level but I could not finish it quicker. I was missing a lot of simple balls and today I was very nervous because I play well and I wanted to be the best and I could manage to hit these balls and make winners. But it was still tough. I could have win a little bit easier in the second set but I am pretty happy with my performance and of course with all the pressure.

Q: You seemed to be very aggressive as well, right from the start you were very aggressive.

Svetlana: Yeah, I have to play my game. I have to take every chance. I had to go a little bit more for my shots in second and third sets. But today I did the correction and I play better.

Q: Now Nadia will step in?

Svetlana: I have no idea. That is question for captain (Shamil Tarpishchev).


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