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Internazionali BNL d'Italia: win over Victoria Azarenka (BLR) in semifinals

8th May, 2009

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Another final after two years.

Svetlana: It was good. I'm happy to win today. It was tough match. Made me play uncomfortable, but I stayed strong, and I'm happy to finish in two sets.

Q: Now you have a preference of the opponent, or not?

Svetlana: Not really. I just want to play the winner, who plays better. It's important moment for me. I am looking forward to play the final tomorrow.

Q: Azarenka said there was no mark on the clay, and that changed the match for her.

Svetlana: For me, from her side, she doesn't have to get so upset just for one ball. Because yesterday I play Jelena and one ball was almost out and I marked out, and the referee told me it was too late and it was not so. But the ball which -- when I came to the side, I saw two marks: One Vika showed, which was out, and another one I guess showed which it was in. I don't know which one was it. For me, it was just only one ball, and it was even advantage to me and I made a winner or whatever. Even it was not or whatever, it's just one ball out of all. She get too upset and then she get frustrated and then she start to hit every ball even more. To me, she get too upset for no reason. It was just one ball in the match.

Q: Did you suffer from the heat today?

Svetlana: No. Why? I look red or walk too slow? What's the reason?

Q: Not so red. It's quite brown. Just because...

Svetlana: I know it was hot, but other days it also was hot. The only tough thing about the heat is to see with the sun. Because to serve where the sun is see into your face, it was very hard, especially first games for me.

Q: Did you like the Porsche that you won in Stuttgart?

Svetlana: I love Porsche, of course. Who doesn't like Porsche?

Q: It is your first Porsche?

Svetlana: No.

Q: You have another one?

Svetlana: Yes. (Laughter.)

Q: Two Porsche?

Svetlana: More. (Laughter.)

Q: You like Ferrari, no?

Svetlana: I like everything; every fast car I like. Porsche is very special. It was not my first Porsche, but it's special because I won it. I did not buy it, I won it. You know?

Q: When you play final like in Stuttgart, a special prize like a car, a Porsche, is a special reason to win that match, or not?

Svetlana: No. Before match, doesn't matter. After the match, if you win, you know, it's good you won a Porsche, also. It's like a bonus for you.

Q: The problem is if you win too many cars.

Svetlana: Believe me, it's good problem to have.

Q: You reached your second final in successive weeks. Is there any danger that you're peaking a little bit too early before the French Open, or do you think you can you maintain this level for the next two months?

Svetlana: I'm not thinking about this right now. French Open, for me, is still to go. For me, it's this tournament. I play lots of matches, so I'm focusing to do my best. I cannot change it. I cannot lose on purpose not to get my good level before French. Well, either way I'm just playing as I can and I'm doing good and I'm happy about it.

Q: Did you learn anything from your previous appearances in the final here that would help you tomorrow?

Svetlana: For me it's completely different court, here and then central court, No. 1 and central -- it to used to be Palla Corda, no, or something like this. This court used to be different court, so it was -- not really. I don't know.

Q: Nadia Petrova say that she was thinking that Maria Sharapova maybe will not play a game in the future. What do you think? The same or not?

Svetlana: I don't think anything. I mean, I just wish she recovers well her injury and she comes back, because tennis need lots of players, and especially she's very popular. So tennis need more people to come towards. I don't know what this status is at the moment. I just wish her to recover well and to come back faster.


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