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Wimbledon Championships: loss to Sabine Lisicki (GER) in third round

27th June, 2009

Q: I guess it wasn't quite the birthday present you were hoping for. What did you feel went wrong?

Svetlana: Well, I felt like I was standing, I was not moving anything. Her game is not -- you cannot adjust. You cannot have long rallies so you've got to be quick and at maximum level all the time, and I haven't done so today. That's why I lost.

Q: You didn't seem quite yourself. Did you not feel so comfortable?

Svetlana: I wasn't feeling my comfort at all. I was not moving much and I was not doing my thing. I didn't serve.

Q: Why do you think that was?

Svetlana: You know, some days it's not going your way, and I was just standing there and not doing much.

Q: Has it ruined your birthday for you? Will you still be celebrating later?

Svetlana: Well, it's definitely still a great day.


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