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Western & Southern Women's Open (Cincinnati): loss to Kim Clijsters (BEL) in third round

13th August, 2009

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: It seemed like you only really got going halfway through the second set. You found your form only in the middle of the second set.

Svetlana: You mean that I started to play better in the second set? Yeah, I did. I was a little bit frustrated in the first set. I did so many unforced errors that I think I shouldn't be doing, and been not moving well to the ball. Was not finding good distance because I didn't move my feet. Still, I had opportunities. It was just basically one break. I had few chances, but definitely Kim played much better than I did first set. Second set I fought hard. She was a break up and I still came back. I started, you know, to play a little better my game. The conditions today, they were extremely hot, so it was not really easy to play your game. You kind of understand why you're not playing so good. In the third set, it was as well one break what broke everything. I think I lost it when I had chances to break her in the start, and it was deuce and I did two unforced errors, which I cannot do in this type of matches. To play Kim, she plays good now. She's in shape. It was good game. You know, it was good experience for me, but I should do much better in the third set.

Q: Is it possible to compare how she is now to how she was two years ago?

Svetlana: We spoke with girls in locker room, and it's kind of Kim always been there, you know. It's like she the same as she been before. Tennis-wise, I think she can compare better. She moves well and does well. You can see she haven't been all the time on the tour, but, I mean, she was playing great, and physically she's well.

Q: What will you do now? Stay here for a few days or go straight to Toronto?

Svetlana: Is there time distance between here in Toronto?

Q: No.

Svetlana: How far is the flight? You ask me questions, can I ask you questions? How far is the flight, two hours?

Q: Hour and a half.

Svetlana: Maybe I go after tomorrow. I was looking to this water park and this adventure, so maybe I go to check it out so I can have a little bit of a distraction.

Q: This is your first tournament back. How are you feeling?

Svetlana: I mean, it's not easy to play second match Kim after month you been off. But, you know, it happens. This is my draw, and my draw was, I think, really hard. I been working hard and preparing. Normally I need matches to get in, to start to play my game. I feel all right. I think I've done a good job, and I will look forward have more matches before the Open. I hope I have a little bit better draw next week, so...

Q: Did you ask for a break after the second set?

Svetlana: Yeah. Well, I don't know. I felt like cooking on this court, you know, because it's so hot. I felt I better take shower. I didn't care. I could have also go, but we have this opportunity and I don't want to get dizzy. Because in the end first set I felt like I'm getting dizzier, but then it's passed away.

Q: Do you think Kim Clijsters, for the US Open, she will already be a big contender for it?

Svetlana: I think she has good chances. I think, yeah, I mean, she plays good. And if she's prepared, when a person prepared, everybody can have good chances. She won this title once, and I think she knows how to do it.

Q: Were you surprised about her level?

Svetlana: No. I know her. I don't know, you remember she was out for I think the wrist injury. For some injury for so long, and she came back.

Q: When she won the US Open?

Svetlana: No. She won Indian Wells and Miami back-to-back. I mean, when she goes out and she comes back she always comes in shape, so I know that.


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