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Pilot Pen Tennis (New Haven): loss to Amélie Mauresmo (FRA) in quarterfinals

27th August, 2009

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Can you talk about the break in the last set, those two final games.

Svetlana: Well, it's hard to say something about like last break because you have to see picture of whole match because I didn't use my chances in the first set at all. I gave her chances to come back. She didn't have many possibilities to play. I let her to come back into the match. She started to play very well. Over the last matches I seen her play, it's the best she played. She played really good. She was going for her shots, for line. I did a little bit too many unforced errors. But I give a lot of credit for her. I think she played really good match. I think I was a bit too passive sometimes, rushing too much. This is it. I had few possibilities to break her back in the third set, but I didn't do it.

Q: Is that one of the biggest differences in Amélie's game, is that now she seems to be more aggressive?

Svetlana: Well, I played her many times, and I think today is the most aggressive she's been. But also I gave her possibility to be aggressive because I started to be too passive and I didn't attack enough. When I started the first set, I don't know, I was 4-1 up. I was doing my game. Then I did few unforced errors. It's small moments in the matches when you can let opponent to come back. And Amélie, she's professional. I mean, she has a lot of experience at her level and her stage of game. She knew to use her chances.

Q: What about the falls? Were you concerned when you fell over?

Svetlana: It was the similar fall on the French when I played Serena. It's really hurt my ankle. I don't know what's going to be now. I rather keep playing with the pain than stop and put tape and do this and do that. It's too much. Maybe I hurt a little bit my back, but I didn't mention it when I play. I was fine. I was fighting till end. I was pretty much enjoying, I can say that. Even I lost, I been doing my best. Maybe I didn't take my chances, do unforced errors. But during the game I was going for my shots. I think it was good preparation for me for New York.

Q: Are you happy where your game is after this week heading into New York?

Svetlana: I know the game is there. It's just few matches, few points, and I have to be more consistent, don't lose these chances. Like here I had every game. I was playing Zheng, 6-1, 4-2, and I didn't close it. Then I was playing another girl yesterday, Wickmayer. I had my chances. I didn't close it. Here again, when I close my chances, I be fine. I don't concerned about my game.


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