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China Open (Beijing): Pre-match press conference

2nd October, 2009

Q: You have been participating in China Open for several times, what's your motivation for this time?

Svetlana: I had great memories in China open. There were a lot of fans of me and they always supported me. It also has good organization every year. So it's very nice to come back and play tennis here again.

Q: There are saying that there is a little weak in female tennis that cause Clijsters won the US open this year. What's your opinion on that?

Svetlana: They are many very good players nowadays. They had tough schedules so they can't have a good state all the time. For me, I just prepare my match and practice hard to play well.

Q: Clijsters came back to the tennis this year, Justin Henin will come back next year. Do you think there's more interesting in female tennis?

Svetlana: Something interesting always happened. Futhermore, there will be a movie produced by WTA coming next year.

Q: How do you feel about the practice with Safina this morning? And how do you feel about the court?

Svetlana: The court is very well and I like hard court. Safina and I decided to play doubles this year.

Q: As the champion of China Open, do you have any suggestions?

Svetlana: I don't have any suggestion. This year it organizes well. We've been provided good food, good hotel, good facilities, etc.

Q: There are more and more young players participating in the ITF. Do you have any suggestion to them? Do you have any idea about the option between becoming a professional player or just treating tennis as a hobby.

Svetlana: This is a tough question. They have to decide by themselves. But If you want to become a professional tennis player, you have to give up a lot of things. For example, you have to go far away from home and don't have parties and you have to quit from school. Once you failed, you can't keep up with your study and started a normal life soon. You have to think twice before make the decision.

Q: Tomorrow is the mid autumn day for all the Chinese people. What's your plan about tomorrow?

Svetlana: I wish them have a great holiday. But I have to play tennis, it's all my plan here.


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