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China Open (Beijing): win over Nadia Petrova (RUS) in semifinals

10th October, 2009

Q: It was a good win for you today. How do you think you played?

Svetlana: I think my return serve was well and I played well. It was a little bit tight at the start of the second set but I think I played well and made it a very good game.

Q: During the news conference this morning the chairman of WTA said women tennis players are strong and close with each other. What are your thoughts?

Svetlana: I think the level is very close to each other too because on the court you see Nadia's performance and she is not top 10 she is top 20. I think the level is very high and its tough to beat each other is very difficult.

Q: We heard that you quit in the second round in the doubles. Can you comment on that?

Svetlana: Safina pulled out. I tried to convince her to play but I guess she wasn't feeling well.

Q: What you think will happen tomorrow.

Svetlana: If I play my best game I think I am going to be the favorite but its hard to say because you never know.

Q: You have been to the final three times and won once and lost two other times, what are your feelings now?

Svetlana: I think I'm going to win. I mean I hope I am going to win, I never know.


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