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2009 Sony Ericsson Championships (Doha): loss to Venus Williams (USA) in second match

29th October, 2009

Moderator: Questions for Svetlana, please.

Q: What do you think about this match? It was a tough match.

Svetlana: Well, definitely I'm disappointed. But I cannot expect winning players like Venus and Serena playing like I played. You know, I gave my best both matches, but I don't feel great. I mean, I don't feel the ball like, for example, I felt in Beijing, you know. I didn't play the great tennis, and that's why I lose.

Q: There is no reason why?

Svetlana: I just don't feel it. I have my reasons, but I don't really want to talk about it (smiling).

Q: You have tomorrow a tough game. It won't be easy for both of you. Can you focus on your game to win and maybe to pass to the semifinals?

Svetlana: I have to. It's not if I can. I have to do that. I have to go and play. I'll do my best. Definitely it's going to be hard. But I like playing her. Is going to be tough match. But I know if I play right, I going to have opportunities. I hope to take them.

Q: Are you ready physically for tomorrow?

Svetlana: It's okay.

Q: No problem?

Svetlana: Yes.

Q: Are you sure you can be in the semifinal, even if you win?

Svetlana: I have no idea (laughter). You ask me question, I answer. But I have no idea, I win, I lose. I know if I win, maybe I have a chance. I have to see. But if I lose, definitely no chance. But, you know, I have a tough group. I think I played three tough matches. It's much more positive than my past Championships. I think I know what to improve.

Q: But you prefer to just play without counting?

Svetlana: Definitely I will ask. I'm just curious how it works. If I lose, there's no chance. Everybody except Serena has two losses and one win. It's going to be curious.

Q: Are you happy with your performance? Are you satisfied with your performance by the end of this year?

Svetlana: You know, if I say I'm not, winning a Grand Slam title, I gonna be...

Q: I mean after the Grand Slam, after French Open.

Svetlana: I mean, I saved season by winning French Open and Beijing. This is how I put it better. But the other tournaments was not so good.


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