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2009 Sony Ericsson Championships (Doha): win over Elena Dementieva (RUS) in third match

30th October, 2009

Moderator: Questions for Svetlana, please.

Q: It was easier than expected?

Svetlana: It was okay. I think I just tried to play my game. I mean, I like playing Elena. I feel comfortable. So I think it's my advantage when I play against her.

Q: You have nothing to lose.

Svetlana: It's not about this. It was a lot to lose today. Doesn't matter if I don't qualify. It's also ranking points, it's prize money, it's everything. It's still a lot. Definitely, when I go to the court, I bring my name there. Definitely I don't want to lose. Doesn't matter what.

Q: Have you seen Venus?

Svetlana: I asked to Venus before the game, you know, Would you give me something if I win? She was like, If you win, it's good for yourself. I say, Okay, whatever (laughter).

Q: Did you know whether you win or lose that you could not qualify for the semifinal, before the game?

Svetlana: Yes.

Q: So do you have a thought to just let Elena win, so a Russian can go to the semifinal?

Svetlana: If I let Elena win, was good for me? I lose money, I lose points, I maybe don't finish No. 3. What's good for me? Nothing, you know. I also want to win, you know.

Q: Actually, you lost a lot of games in this tournament. What does this victory mean for you?

Svetlana: Well, I lose to Venus and Serena. It's not two bad players, you know. They're really good players. Today was just good game to finish tournament and year on a good note.

Q: Now this is the end of your season, what goals do you have for next year? Where do you want to improve? Do you think there are things the Tour can improve on? There was a lot of talk about the ranking system being changed. Do you agree with that?

Svetlana: Definitely I agree with one thing, I have rest, and then I will think about the next season. So far, I haven't given a thought what I want to improve next year. For the moment, I want to rest. If I do quick think about next year, I just want to have consistent, not to lose so many first rounds, bring this consistency back. But I think I found in the end of the season a few keys which is going to help me play next year, which I can help to improve my game. The Tour, I think we improve the schedule system. There is always things to improve. Everyone never going to be happy. But I don't have big issues.

Q: When are you going to start your preparation for the next season?

Svetlana: Maybe two weeks.

Q: Only two weeks of holiday?

Svetlana: If I will rest one month, I need to start to prepare myself two months afterwards. So two weeks is all right.


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