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2010 Australian Open (Melbourne): win over Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) in second round

20th January, 2010

Moderator: Questions, please.

Q: Give us a summary of how you felt about how it went.

Svetlana: Well, I mean, I came to the match, I was aggressive. I think I played well. The only thing I lost two serves in the first set. I had very low percentage, 40%. I don't think is good enough. Overall I think I played aggressive. I played well. I played well. I enjoy playing in Rod Laver Arena. I think it's great.

Q: You're remarkably consistent in early rounds of Grand Slams. Is there a reason or reasons for that, or is it just coincidence?

Svetlana: I mean, you know, for me, when I get to this stage, I played for couple -- plenty of years already in Grand Slams. Even though I'm 24, it feels like I've been for a while here. Uhm, I just get extra motivation when I play slams. This is how I explain it. Doesn't matter how bad you play, you come to Grand Slams, it's like, you just get there, and you're like, Oh, Grand Slam; it's special; this is for what I work for, what I play. You just enjoy it so much. To play here even today the first at 11:00, it's been still many people. You just have fun. This is for real. This is for what you play for.

Q: Preparation, lead-up, early loss in Sydney. Do you feel as well-prepared as you were last year?

Svetlana: I think I've done good pre-season. I've worked hard. I've enjoyed it. I prepared in hot conditions in Dubai. It's just I didn't have enough time maybe to get myself going. That's why I didn't play so well in Sydney. But now, I mean, I'm feeling good. I still worked on new things. I still didn't have time to bring it to the game. But for start of season, I'm okay, yeah.

Q: What sort of thing are you working on? Technique? Movement?

Svetlana: A little bit of everything. For sure I work on movement, fitness condition, yes. Especially I worked on coming a little bit more to the court, because I had the game defense, you know, play high ball, but then I come and play inside. I also can do that because after a defensive ball, you got to go and come in and play inside. I think I've done it couple times today, and returned the ball in the court, so...

Q: Adding aggression to your game, is that just something you decided to do? Was it advice from anyone?

Svetlana: Also advice from the coach, but also I want to improve. I want to do more things. I want to come to the net because I think I can play different games and come outside, play outside, inside, come to the net. I want to be all-zones player. I think I have a potential to do that.

Q: Will you play against Serbia in Fed Cup?

Svetlana: Uhm, good question. I didn't answer my final decision. I didn't say it yet. But I have to decide it after Australian Open. But probably not.

Q: Do you know who is going to play?

Svetlana: Like magic box, you know. Surprise (smiling.) I don't think many of like -- in the press Tarpischev said Zvonareva, Dementieva are not playing, so I don't know.

Q: There's quite a big break between your first and second Grand Slams. Just tell us how important it was to get that breakthrough win last year after five years, and how it sets up your preparations here.

Svetlana: Yeah, I mean, it was long time, but I also have been to the finals two times. After I won the Open, I been twice to the final: once in French, once in US Open. Been once in the semifinal. So, I mean, I have not been losing in first and second round. But I couldn't manage to win it. I think I took my opportunity at this time, and it was very important for me to win in clay because I can play both, you know. It's been long, but it was well-deserved, and was very big pleasure win.

Q: Did you expect a tougher match today?

Svetlana: I expected her to play a little bit different. I was a little bit frustrated first game because I felt she used to be more aggressive on the court. She used to play flat. I think she tries to play a little bit more with spin. And when I play her in Beijing, I thought she played more inside, yeah.

Q: I noticed you did a bit of juggling on the court during the match. Have you ever considered and alternative career in soccer?

Svetlana: No, I don't do today my best today yet. I can do better (smiling.) No, just distracts me and it's better for me. Leaves the tension away. Also I entertain people. It's also nice. I'm just enjoying. You know, I'm just being myself, being creative, doing things I have to do, and enjoying it.

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