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2010 Dubai Tennis Championships (Dubai): loss to Regina Kulikova (RUS) in third round

17th February, 2010

Q: Tell us about it and why you think it didn't go your way?

Svetlana: I think it was many ways to go first two sets. Third set, actually, I prefer. First set, I felt bad. Second set, I felt bad. And third, I felt good. You know, I was playing good and suddenly one moment suddenly everything turned a different way. I mean, she was playing good. I think she played out of her league. I mean, she was just doing too good, you know. I was fighting, and I felt I gave everything on the court, you know. Of course, some points you can do better, some points you can do worse. But I think she has confidence. She played so many matches, and I have no matches at all. So it's not that easy for me, but still I was fighting and it was good. It was a good match.

Q: Some people say the balls are fast and the court is slow?

Svetlana: Yeah, the balls are faster. But the court it's hard to say, because the balls they fly so fast. I was not able to control the first two sets at all. But in the third I got used to it. But they're different. They're very different.

Q: Do you think the fact that you didn't have a match this week made a difference?

Svetlana: In the first set, yes, a lot. I mean, I haven't played since Australia, so it's different.

Q: A defeat like this, does it really matter? I mean you've got more important tournaments to come.

Svetlana: Always defeat matters, you know. She was not high ranked, but she was playing great today. She wasn't playing for her average, she was playing much higher. She had nothing to lose. The pressure was on me. But I felt I fight good all match. It was not easy in this heat, especially Russia being in winter and to play there. And physically I think I was good. I'm definitely disappointed to lose, but I didn't play too bad.

Q: Did you know her at all?

Svetlana: I heard of her. When we were in the summer games, I was in practice with her once. (Indiscernible). But I heard of her and I've seen her a few times.

Q: Can you pitch it forward now? What is in the future for you? Is it Indian Wells next?

Svetlana: Yeah, Indian Wells, Miami.

Q: Do you look forward to Indian wells and Miami?

Svetlana: Yeah, definitely. I love these tournaments, this is great. I look forward to be there. No, I'm sorry. I have exhibition to play in Madison Square Garden. We play, Serena, Venus, and Kim, so I'm looking forward to that one. I've never played that one exhibition. It's going to be great. I love New York, and it's great to play Madison Square Garden.

Q: You're not old enough to play the Championships there, were you?

Svetlana: No, I started when it was in L.A. It's great.

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