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2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Venue Information

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'Fan-friendly' Olympic Green Tennis Center

The flower-shaped Olympic Green Tennis Center is meticulously designed for natural ventilation to ensure the quality of the competitions for athletes and spectators.

The center's three main courts are dodecagonal with each of the 12 sides functional as stands. The gray cement walls around each of the 12 sections form 12 stands which look like 12 petals of a lotus flower in the Olympic Forest Park.

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With 10 competition courts, the venue covers a surface area of 16.68 hectares and has a building area of 26,514 square meters. The venue has a capacity of 17,400 seats, including 10,000 seats in the main court; 4,000 seats in the No.1 court; 2,000 seats in the No.2 court; and 1,400 seats in the seven preliminary competition courts at the No.2 platform. The Olympic tennis and Paralympic wheelchair tennis competitions will be held at the Center.

The main court is the biggest among the three 'lotus flowers'. Its petals are sustained by 48 sloping beams, each weighing 62 tons with a length of 17 meters. On August 17, 2008, some 10,000 spectators will gather here to watch the final matches of the Olympic tennis events.

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Taking into account the small size of the tennis ball and its high speed, the architects have designed steep stands which gives the spectators the best line-of-sight, according to Zheng Fang, chief architect of the China State Construction International Shenzhen Design Consulting Company - the construction management group for the Olympic Green Tennis Center project.

For the same purpose, the height difference between the stand rows is nine centimeters, instead of six centimeters for other tennis stands, he added.

The three main courts at the Olympic Green Tennis Centre - the main and the No.1 and 2 courts - have been built to resemble three lotus flowers from afar, with stands forming 12 sides and off-white external walls made of dry concrete.

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Zheng Fang, chief architect of the project, said the concept was to create a highly open tennis center in the backdrop of the forest park with no excessive decorations on the external wall - a strong expression of the harmony of architecture and nature.

When the design was submitted, the International Tennis Federation considered the scheme to be an extension of the atmosphere and tradition of the tennis game and a highly professional tennis center, Zheng said.

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The main court for the finals of the Olympic tennis events, is the largest 'flower' among the three. During the Games, a maximum crowd of 10,000 will sit here to enjoy the sunshine and the exciting tennis matches. The court has 48 cast-in-place reinforced concrete cantilever beams propping the 12 petal-like stands.

Olympic Rings

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